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El Stretcho

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Saturday: El Stretcho’s Saturday Session – 10pm Midnight

Born near Brighton in 71, I have grown up through some pretty epic eras of dance music, the ones effecting me the most being the late 80s and early 90s. I was and am still a true raver! My heart still lies with both early hardcore and club tracks, if its good I like it. I wouldn’t say my musical taste is restricted to these as I like all sorts and have a very eclectic taste however I love to play with the aforementioned genres.

I first got into DJ-ing when I was 15 and have amassed a large collection of vinyl, however this is now packed up in boxes as it proves too difficult to move around. I was in the military (RAF) for 30 years and lumping over 2000 records around not only proved difficult but also costly to some of my beloved tracks. I now find digital not only easier to move with but also a hell of a lot lighter! I DJ’d frequently in the NAAFI “bops” (Discos) ,house parties and later branched out into DJ-ing at clubs in the local area to the bases I have been posted to.

I have recently been broadcasting live on facebook and enjoyed getting music out to my friends using that platform, thankfully a good old mate of mine and also a presenter on Enjoy Radio recruited me to the station.

Why the nick name El Stretcho you may ask? It was given to me by a friend……why? Well I’m 6ft 9 inches tall but I am definitely not Spanish ;O) So…….Come join me , you may like what you hear! Rave on and enjoy the  party!!