Sunday: The Erika Baker Show – 8pm – 10pm

Bio: Hi, I’m Erika and I am a tarot reader. Originally from Orpington in Kent, I am now enjoying living in Bolton.

I have always loved music and was brought up listening to a broad selection of genres which I am to incorporate into my playlists. I used to play drums back in the day! Music is such an important part of our everyday lives; it can bring back long forgotten memories and emotions, can uplift you, can bring you down, and everything in between.

So, how does Tarot fit with all this? Well, part of my show on Sundays is giving live readings to people on air. I try and help people to look at their options, explore the issues around a question or a problem, or look at what could happen next, if all is going to plan. Tarot can add a perspective to a dilemma that you may not have considered before. I am a believer that context is key, especially for the more specific issues and bigger questions that dominate our day-to-day lives. There is also the positive aspect; sometimes we all need a reminder that the bad times are not forever, and this too shall pass!

I don’t believe in witchcraft or magic, and I don’t believe that everything is already mapped out. I cannot predict the future, and if anyone says that they can, I would be sceptical. I do believe in people. I believe people create their own magic in their everyday lives, and music is very much a part of that everyday magic.