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Gav Bilton

Presenter – Email:


Monday: The Gav Bilton Show – 1pm-2pm

Bio: Hi, I’m Gav. I’m a Cumbrian guy born and bread. I spend most of my time on my day job working for Mark’s & Spencer but when I’m not grafting I’m usually found behind the turntables or in front of a good documentary. I started DJing really early on in life at the age of 12, at the age of 16 I was DJing in the biggest nightclub in the UK (The Syndicate) Blackpool.

DJing never really took off for me (as I would have liked) but such is life. My genre of music is a wild range! I like upbeat bounce, Scouse, Hardhouse etc, but there is nothing better than sitting down and putting Pink Floyd on the HIFI.