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Wednesday: Guy’s My Kinda Country – 7pm-9pm

Bio: I have loved music for as long as I can remember. I used to ‘tape’ the Top 20 then listen back, learn all the words and sing along! Towards the end of the 70’s I became interested in Punk, New Wave and then Ska and Reggae music and started my own band releasing a record at the tender age of 14. The 80’s got me involved in synthesiser music and I started recording my own songs. Country music found me some time during the 90’s and I moved to California where I played in a Country band called The Tuners. Back in the UK, singing for a living gave me a very broad taste in music and being an online trainer has made me ‘radio ready’ to take on the opportunity to be a radio presenter.

My other interests include:
Travel – Visiting different countries and enjoying their culture, food, drink, architecture and scenery gives me great pleasure and a release from everyday life. I love an adventure as well as a lazy time on the beach.
Photography – People, landscapes, architecture, abstract and live action, all give me a focus on life, I also enjoy manipulating the images on my computer.
Motorsport – I’ve watched and been involved in motorsport so some degree for a number of years, whether Formula 1, saloon cars or karting, the technical brilliance and the sheer excitement really gets my heart racing.