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Jim Latham

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Friday: Karaoke Classics – 5pm-7pm

Bio: At the start of 2020 I started making a list of 50 things to do before I was 50 !

Sadly, the list never really got going as the COVID pandemic swept across the world and lockdown became the new normal. This got me thinking of what I could do from home, ‘Zoom’ had become the go to place to visit friends, and with pubs and clubs closed I had this idea of hosting a Karaoke party every Friday night!

Being the youngest of 8 children, music has always been around me and in my ears. The record collection in our family home was vast, varied and sometimes very odd!  My motto has always been if it puts a smile on your face, play it.

Karaoke Classics is all about enjoying yourself. Songs you love to sing along to. If you are a singer in the shower, a crooner in your car or maybe there’s always a cabaret cooking in your Kitchen, You’ll enjoy the show.