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Josh Evans

Sports Presenter – Email:


Tuesday: In Off The Bar – Noon-1pm

Bio: I have been in and around football from as long as I can remember from playing to singing on the terraces.

Football plays a massive part of my life just like many others. At the age of 15, I created a grassroots football club that’s now been running for the best part of 13 years and has over 60 players associated with it. My sole intention was to create a football club to give everyone the opportunity to escape for a few hours a week.

I was very fortunate to be able to use my platform in order to help others and through my Football Club became a Mental Health Ambassador , which helped us create the Tackle the Stigma campaign. We created a short video via the campaign to help people open up and share their experiences which generated 30,000 views in its first week.

Over the past few years I did some voluntary based punditry work for my local Football Club Bristol Rovers. , Pirate Pundit actively gave fans a voice, provided Live Match analysis and a non biased honest perception of football games. We also provided the opportunity for ex players to give their insight and to relive key moments in their career and the clubs history.

So, I am hoping my insight into football will help In Off The Bar become a success and help give an honest fans perception of the beautiful game.