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Lesley Atherton

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  • Wednesday: Words & Music – 11am-1pm & Mayhem with Lesley and Yan – 9pm-10pm
  • Friday: The 80’s Mix – 11am-1pm & Stranded in the 70’s – 9pm-11pm
  • Sunday: Enjoy The Musicals – 11am-1pm

Bio: Lesley Atherton is a writer (sometimes under the name, Meredith Schumann) and through her publishing company Words are Life/Scott Martin Productions, published her novel, ‘Life’s a Mess… and Then You Die’ (about long-lost family, hoarding and alternative lifestyles). She has also published ‘Feet on the Table’ (her massive book of short stories and flash fiction), and ‘Conflict Management’ (her pocket-sized book of four novelettes).

In addition to editing and publishing around forty books for Words are Life/Scott Martin Productions, Lesley is an active member of writing and reading groups and also compiles the blog at Posts cover reviews, thoughts, writing advice, famous writers, fiction and terrible poetry, as well as guest blogs on any subject under the sun.

Lesley’s latest project is co-producing a writing-related podcast called ‘The Unpublishables: Where The Slushpile Hits Back’. It was originally supposed to be launched on 2nd January 2021, but COVID has delayed it. Anyway, fingers crossed for the future of that.

Lesley was a music lover from a very early age and took private lessons up to grade 8, but she fell out of love with classical music while taking her A level. Thankfully, her previous enjoyment of classical music was replaced by love of symphonic, progressive rock, acoustic music, and good music in all its forms.