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  • Saturday Night With Steg – 8pm – 9pm

Bio: Hi I’m Steven Kelly but I’m better known as Steg by well anyone who’s ever met me ha.
I’ve always been a music geek who is interested in all genres although my main passion is for indie/alternative.
It’s how music can transport you to your favourite memories in an instant like travelling back in time that I find most amazing.
I love discovering music old and new and unearthing music facts then sharing my finds with other music fans.
I have recently found myself with more spare time on my hands and was looking for a new hobby but my main interest was my knowledge of songs, bands and random music facts so how could this come in handy as a hobby hmm… then after speaking to the Enjoy radio manager James and sending him a demo I was delighted to be invited to join the Enjoy radio family, new hobby found!

I hope you all enjoy my show.